Monday, March 15, 2010

Busy Theater Looks to Times Square Youth for Employees

The past few years have seen many industries struggle to stay afloat in a challenging economy. Movie theaters, however, have seen steady revenue growth over that period with the global box office taking in $29.9 billion internationally in 2009, an increase of $12.1 billion over the total for 2008.

Times Square Youth’s Midtown location positions its participants to gain from the health of this industry; one of America’s busiest theaters is located within walking distance of our program. Even more valuable than this proximity to the theater, however, is the success of a Times Square Youth graduate at this business. During an initial meeting with theater management, the impact of this participant's efforts were clear. “If all of my employees were like [Ms. B], I would be set!” the location’s Senior Manager, Dominique Patterson, stated enthusiastically.

We excitedly informed Mr. Patterson that we were currently working with many youth ready to follow Ms. B's example of success! With his organization looking to hire dozens of new employees in anticipation of heavier theater traffic in the Spring and Summer, Times Square Youth invited Mr. Patterson down to the Midtown Community Court last week to speak with candidates directly.

The event ran for over an hour, as participants eagerly sought information from Mr. Patterson and his associates. Excitement grew as Dominique and his team spoke about the flexible hours, opportunities for advancement, and benefits associated with the job. In addition to providing Dominique and our participants an opportunity to get to know each other, the event also gave youth valuable practice in interacting with an employer. After the event, the Court’s Youth Coordinator, Kate Barrow, spoke with attendees about ways in which candidates succeeded in making a good impression with Dominique and also touched upon areas that could be improved. “It’s crucial for youth to be able to reflect upon the experience of meeting with an employer in order to minimize naturally-occurring interview anxiety and continually improve their interview performance.”

Times Square Youth: coming soon to a theater near you!