Tuesday, April 27, 2010

TSI at Work: Grad Finds a Hot Job in a Cool Place

"I've never seen so much ice cream!," was this writer's first response to the scene at TSI graduate Paul's new warehouse employer in Brooklyn. "We've got everything," Paul quickly responded, smiling as he gestured at row upon row of ice cream. The TSI graduate went on to describe what he does at the cold storage facility: he receives orders from manufacturers, assembles products for city-wide distribution, and does just about anything else that needs to be taken care of at the facility. "There's only 3 of us working here, so anything that needs to be done is our job to take care of."

Paul spoke with pride as he detailed the operations of the Brooklyn ice cream distributor. As this writer shivered in the below-freezing temperatures, the TSI grad continually returned to mentioning how thankful he was for the experience at Times Square Ink that gave him the confidence in himself to take advantage of this opportunity: "It just feels so good to be working again. They gave me a chance and now I'm showing them that I deserved it."

When asked what he does when he's not at work, Paul paused for a moment before sharing that he generally relaxed at home. He shared that he lives a short walk from his job and usually finds that he's pretty worn out after a long, chilly shift at the warehouse. If he feels restless, he might take a brief walk around the quiet stretch of East New York where he makes both his home and his living. "Hey, I spent years and years doing all of that craziness, man. Now, I just do my work, then go home, relax and get to bed early; I take care of my business."