Friday, October 22, 2010

TSI at Work: Grad Celebrates a Year on the Job

A floor below the bustle of the 86th St and Broadway corner, a Times Square Ink Grad goes about the business of keeping one of the Upper West Side's largest grocery stores clean. On a recent afternoon, this writer stopped by and was fortunate enough to catch Biron (pictured above left) in action. Continuing with his work as we spoke, Biron expressed satisfaction at having reached a significant milestone: a full year on the job.

Biron's ability to maintain employment over the past year has provided him with financial stability, allowing him to stay in an apartment that he was close to losing when he began attending TSI: "Nothing was going right.....I was losing my apartment....everything, but now things are working out." Beyond the monetary benefits that this alum has experienced, he states that he simply feels better about himself after proving that he is capable of not just holding down a job, but excelling, for over a year.

His contribution to our program as an alumnus has extended beyond his employment. While many TSI Alumni have an understandably difficult time making it back for events on a regular basis, Biron can be counted on to appear at any TSI gathering. He participates in these events with the same quiet poise with which he attends to his duties at the grocery: with a smile on his face, a hand extended to his colleagues, and a brief report on his ongoing work, he lets the spotlight shine on others, despite his great success.

Congratulations on a great year, Biron!