Monday, March 23, 2015

UPNEXT visits MoMA

On February 13th, UPNEXT visited the Museum of Modern Art. There, The Art Educator, Shellyne Rodriquez, led the tour and advised the fathers to keep an open mind while observing the art.

As they toured the museum, the fathers viewed paintings from famous artists and gave their honest opinions. In particular, three Picasso paintings captivated our fathers and prompted them to voice their own unique interpretations of his works. They asked questions such as: “What inspired Picasso to create these paintings?” and, "What did the women in each painting symbolize?" The diversity of art sparked lively discussions among the fathers.

Inspired by the visit, one father extended his gratitude to UPNEXT for providing him with this enriching experience. He said that he would return with his family on a weekend  We thank MoMA for hosting this visit and exposing our fathers to contemporary art. UPNEXT takes pride in giving its fathers the opportunities to enjoy new activities.