Monday, July 27, 2015

UPNEXT PRESENTS: Advanced Job Search

Our Dads proudly holding their OSHA 10 Cards
As a part of its Advanced Job Search (AJS) workshops series, the UPNEXT Fatherhood Engagement and Workforce Development program hosted a 10-hour OSHA Safety training course. The two day course was provided at no cost to current UPNEXT participants and alumni who expressed an interest in finding careers in the construction field. 
        Some of the designated training topics include how to identify and protect against falls, electrocution, falling objects and trench hazards and how to correctly wear personal protective equipment. Also covered were the rights and responsibilities of workers on a construction site.  Upon completion of the course, UPNEXT dads received OSHA-10 cards.  
         The OSHA training course was the first in a series of workshops that will be hosted by UPNEXT and held during its AJS classroom hours. These workshops will be facilitated by experts in growing industries like security, food service and maintenance.
        AJS is an additional resource designed to equip fathers with the tools that they will need to be competitive in the job market.  AJS is held every Monday (1:30-3:30) and Thursday (2-3:30) and provides cover letter and resume prep, on-line job application assistance, interviewing skills and open computer lab time to help dads launch or advance careers. Please join us in wishing all of the dads good luck in their future endeavors and stay tuned for more details about our upcoming informative workshops.  

Written By: Rhabia Cowell