Wednesday, May 4, 2016

UPNEXT Fathers Break Major Barriers to Secure Financial Independency

Rafael and Andrew walked different paths at UPNEXT, joining the program at different times with different needs. However, they did have on thing in common: a major financial disadvantage. 

Rafael owed an enormous amount of child support arrears, despite working more than 70 hours to make ends meet. He felt as though he had hit a dead end in his efforts to get his head above water financially, but through UPNEXT, he connected with a financial counselor at Neighbhorhood Trust. Rafael befan meeting with Midtown Community Court's on-site Neighborhood Trust Financial Adviser to determine ways to decrese his arrears, rebuild his financial security and plan for his future. He diligently followed the advice provided and, within a year, Rafael's child support arrears and his other financial burdens were resolved. Rafael found better, more stbale employument and is now preparing for home ownership. 

Andrew had a similar story: he was struggling to maintian employment due to child support and other unchecked finanial responsibilities. Andrew sought assistance from both UPNEXT and Neighborhood Trust. While we aided Andrew with rekindling his bond with his children, our on-site financial adviser created a unique financial rehabiliataition plan for him. Andrew was able to modify his child support obligations, so that they reflected his current income level and was able to begin making all of his payments in full. Not only did this give Andrew a peace of mind, but he found that it also resulted in him seeing his children more. He was able to use the knowledge gained from his encounter with the financial adviser to budget family vacations and activities for his son. 

Both fathers went through their own difficult roads. However, the collaborative services of UPNEXT and Neighborhood Trust proved fruitful for both them. They are now on firm financial footing and are providing for their families and planning for financially successful futures