Thursday, May 4, 2017

UpNext Fathers March For Denim Day

UpNext father interviewed by local news 
In recognition of Sexual Assault Awareness Month, UpNext fathers attended a workshop and march in support of Denim Day, an annual international sexual violence prevention and education campaign. Denim Day occurs every year on April 26th

The  New York City of Department of Youth and Community Development’s Fatherhood Initiative partnered with The Mayor’s Office of Domestic Violence to bring fathers from its programs to attend a workshop on sexual violence. Members of New York City Healthy Relationship Training Academy, a training institute developed by the Mayor’s Office of Domestic Violence, facilitated the workshop. The workshop addressed issues around consent between partners and sexual and domestic violence. The fathers learned the importance of advocacy for sexual assault victims, and how awareness around these topics can build healthy relationships. 

Fathers hold posters in solidarity  
After UpNext fathers engaged fathers from other organizations. UpNext fathers used their experiences, and the lessons learned through the UpNext program to provide younger fathers with advice on manhood and fatherhood. 

The day concluded with a march on City Hall, where our fathers held their posters high and shouted in support of sexual violence victims.

For more information on Denim Day and resources on sexual assault awareness visit: