Thursday, December 28, 2017

UpNext’s 2017 Holiday Festivities!

On November 18th, UpNext kicked off the holiday season by volunteering for Catholic Charities' National Family Volunteer Day! During this day, UpNext staff and fathers listened to holiday music and enjoyed morning treats before volunteering. As volunteering begins, we separated and joined projects at different tables. Some dads made Christmas cards while others filed boxes with care items. The goal for volunteer event was to making care packages with Christmas cards for the homeless populations in New York City, and hurricane victims in Puerto Rico. 

On November 21st, we hosted a Thanksgiving party to celebrate family and community at UpNext. Fathers and their families came to our office to enjoy warm potluck dishes, homemade by UpNext and Midtown Community Court staff. We also enjoyed a turkey donated by Chef Lucas Santos of Corner Cafe and Bakery (1645 3rd Ave). It was a wonderful gathering and reminder of our program's devotion to bringing people together.

Finally, on December 20th, UpNext concluded the holiday celebration with a holiday and end of year party at Midtown Community Court. Dads and families played games, decorated cookies, and listened to classic holiday tunes. There was an ambiance of bonding, laughter and joy in our office among the UpNext family. Fathers also picked up gifts for their children donated by staff members at UpNext and the Midtown Community Court. Our holiday events symbolized the harmony and community which UpNext has spent this year trying to achieve.  We look forward to a productive and progressive new year. 

                                                                                          Happy holidays!