Thursday, May 14, 2015

UPNEXT Celebrates Mother's Day

UPNEXT participants, families and staff got together last Saturday to celebrate the mothers in their lives. Dads and their children tapped their significant artistic talents to paint ceramics for their mothers, co-parents and significant others. Each artist chose a different object to express their connection with the individual being honored on this special day; for one dad it was a trophy for his co-parent, while another looked on as two of his children energetically applied colors to a mermaid and a beverage glass. Along with the crafting came talk of what was going to be done for the recipients the following day.

Everyone left with smiles, a little bit closer to their fathers than when they walked into Color Me Mine a few hours earlier. This father hopes that the same holds true for his daughter, who didn't do much painting on her first outing with ceramics, but sure did show off her new skills!