Monday, June 22, 2015

A Father's Dedication To His Son Brings Forth Remarkable Results

Alan joined UPNEXT so that he could strengthen his bond with his son and find employment. Through UPNEXT, he participated in workshops where learned how to change his thinking and improve his parenting skills. During Alan’s time at UPNEXT, he learned how to use a computer, gained access to financial services and polished his job readiness skills. Alan was an excellent student and graduated with a perfect attendance record. All the hard work and dedication earned Alan a coveted transitional job with Time Square Alliance.
With employment secured, Alan continued to grow his relationship with his teenage son. They began spending more quality time together and Alan was able to increase his financial contributions. Alan saved up to buy his son special gifts for his birthday – something he had previously been unable to do. Alan bought him new clothes and took him to Red Lobster to celebrate.
Alan is grateful to UPNEXT for providing him with the tools to become the father his son can depend on.