Wednesday, September 16, 2015

UPNEXT Back to School Party at Dave & Busters

A few short weeks ago, the UPNEXT Fatherhood and Workforce Development program hosted its annual Back to School party at Dave & Busters in Times Square.  The party was full with current and past participants who shared experiences and took pictures as their children enjoyed unlimited sliders, fries and video games.
And since the fall season is such a great time to make a fresh start, it is only appropriate that while the kids head off to school that their dads can come into the UPNEXT classroom to learn some new things as well.

UPNEXT teaches non-custodial fathers how to reach their career goals by offering traditional work readiness and advanced job search services.  However, another important aspect of UPNEXT programming is the Thinking for a Change (T4C) curriculum which is proven to be effective at helping dads build better, more productive relationships both at home and in the workplace.  T4C is an integrated, behavioral change program that teaches dads how to think differently about situations, events, thoughts and beliefs, how to problem solve and how to develop social skills.  At graduation, each participant who completes all T4C sessions receives a certificate in addition to their UPNEXT diploma.

The ability to think critically, co-parent effectively and be an asset to an employer are skills that every UPNEXT father learns to apply during his time in the program.  

Written by Rhabia Cowell