Friday, October 16, 2015

UPNEXT Fellowship: An opportunity for leadership, career and personal growth

At the end of every program cycle, UPNEXT selects some of its most dedicated and hardworking fathers to participate in a six-week fellowship. The fellowship roles are highly coveted and many of our promising candidates compete for them. The fellows are hosted at Bronx Community Solutions (BCS) and the Midtown Community Court (MCC). The positions entail providing support to the facilities department, general maintenance, and supervision of community service mandates. While they work, the fellows also attend UPNEXT’s Advanced Job Search workshops so that they may search for permanent employment
“I feel valuable and appreciated.
           I now work harder than I did before”
Dhavon, MCC Fellow
The fellowship offers its participants—with little to no work experience—the chance to build-up their resumes, as well as apply some of the things they learned during the UPNEXT program cycle like: active listing, understanding the feelings of others, setting a positive environment and public speaking.                       
As a result of learning and adapting these skills, the fathers become key members of the teams that keep MCC and BCS clean and functioning. The fellows show growth in their work throughout the six weeks, becoming more integral to as they near completion.  Without the work and growth of these outstanding UPNEXT graduates, MCC and BCS would not be as clean, functional and safe as they are.