Friday, November 6, 2015

UPNEXT Program Year Highlights

The program year at UPNEXT is off to a great start. This season has been a very productive one for many of our fathers as they have overcome personal barriers and learned new skills. They have attended UPNEXT’s monthly family activities, where they have bonded with their children, and some dads have taken advantage of our transitional work and fellowship opportunities.  Indeed, the past few months have been very busy for current and previous UPNEXT participants.

To date, UPNEXT has graduated three cycles of fathers who are now equipped with the tools required to become better parents. These men are also fully prepared to re-join the workforce; this program year we have had many placements in industries like retail, maintenance, food service and transportation. 

In addition to its parenting and workforce development expertise, UPNEXT is also known as a resource for fathers who need extra help with getting a handle on their child support obligations.  During each 6-week cycle, UPNEXT dads are connected with the Office of Child Support Enforcement, so that they may learn about what they owe and what their payment options are.  They are also connected with financial wellness services where they learn about banking and long term financial planning and management.

The next cycle of the UPNEXT Fatherhood and Workforce Development program starts on November 23rd.  Should you have any clients that you would like to refer, you may do so by contacting the Program Administrator, at 646-264-1343.
Written by Rhabia Cowell