Thursday, July 6, 2017

UpNext Celebrates Start of Summer with a Picnic!

On June 22nd , UpNext kicked off the summer with a picnic potluck at the new outdoor courtyard at Midtown Community Court. On this hot sunny day, UpNext and Midtown staff gathered with UpNext Alumni dads and their children to enjoy delicious homemade dishes, listen to classic tunes.At the picnic, the atmosphere was lively. Some dads played board and card games, while others danced with their children to the music. The picnic was also a celebration of the accomplishments and milestones achieved by our dads throughout this programming year. We have witnessed many transformations and transitions, achieved through our dads’ hard work, dedication, and love for their children. Many of them have obtained full-time employment, reestablished or strengthened bonds with their children, and have also found success in other areas such as education and financial independence. While the road ahead for our fathers remains long, they have set a foundation that will enable them to reach greater heights.