Monday, July 24, 2017

UpNext Connects with Uptown Schools to Increase Dad-Involvement in Schools

On July 11th, UpNext attended District 6 Summer Parent Academy's Community Resource Fair in Manhattan's Inwood/Washington Heights neighborhood. District 6 SPA aims provide parents with the resources needed to ensure their children’s academic and social growth. In their effort to connect parents to suitable services, District 6 SPA hosts a Community Resource Fair to bridge District 6 families and coordinators to service providers throughout New York City, including UpNext. 
UpNext staff members exchanged ideas with other organizations on community engagement and met community members who are fathers, who knew a father(s) that would benefit from our support. The conversations between UpNext staff members and community residents revealed an interest in increasing fatherhood support programming in both schools and the greater community. We were happy to see such an ambiance of enthusiasm, motivation and positive energy during the Community Resources Fair. The event provided an opportunity for community members to become familiarized with UpNext, and, in turn, for UpNext to take a step closer in strengthening families through schools. We would like to thank District 6 Summer parent Academy for inviting us to the Community Resource Fair, and for their support of UpNext!